About Our Service

Air Chemistry is proud to break new ground by providing analytical chemistry to anyone who has an interest or a need for it at affordable prices.

The Air-Q sampler and its patented VOC absorption device (CMV) provides high sensitivity VOC data that is interpreted to determine the presence and amounts of target chemical species and potentially hazardous compounds.

With our service you are able to collect the air sample at your convenience and in any location you choose.  Once the sample is collected, the device is returned to the Air Chemistry lab where a scientist analyzes and interprets the results for you.

1. Air Sampling
Fill out the on-line order form to describe your air sampling needs and we will mail you a hand-held and battery-powered air-sampler that is fast (a few minutes of sampling the air in your room) and easy to use.
2. Analytical Services
Return the air sampler to us in its original package for analysis of the sampling device (CMV) in our certified analytical chemistry laboratory using gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS).
3. Interpretation of Your Results
Receive an email that contains a detailed report of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that were found as a result of your sampling. The report includes a list of any potential carcinogens or toxins above recommended levels.

How to Use the Air-Q Device

  1.  Aim the opening at the top of the device towards the area that you want to sample.
  2.  Press the button to turn on the air pump.
  3.  The pump will sample for a few minutes and turn off automatically once the sampling is completed.
  4.  Sample the air only once unless instructed to do otherwise.
  5.  Return the Air-Q device using the original packaging and return label provided.

If the return label is lost please mail to :

Air Chemistry OE116,

11200 SW 8th Street, FIU

Miami, Fl. 33199